Great people make a great Company. Our mission requires the best of minds with a commitment to development of the students. Tapasya is committed to an undefined excellence and with its upraised ideals it is thereby contributing to an intellectual educational setup where success is not a limit. For our expansion plans we are seeking Franchisee partners who have dedicated infrastructure and are diligently committed to serve in the todays dynamic environment. We are looking for hard working persons with innovative ideas, informed opinion and having first –hand experience.

Our Prerequisites for the Partners (Institute/Individuals)

  • • 600 to 2000 sq.ft of space / infrastructure
  • • On prime location/High population density area/ Easily accessible
  • • Basic amenities like toilets, Parking facility, etc.

Our support to the partners

  • •Advertisement
  • • Study Material
  • • Test Series
  • •Prospectus, Brochure, Campaign.
  • •Faculty will be provided training and assistance by our Corporate Office.


• Zeal for Success- Individuals who have zeal for success with sense of ownership and want to be their own boss.
• Rapid Growth- Individuals who possess the capability to grow rapidly with TAPASYA.
• Good Management Skills The capability to effectively manage an organization that recruits, trains, and motivates edupreneurs who can contribute to the setting up an educational setup where sky is the limit.
• Good Credit History- An acceptable credit history.


At TAPASYA, we believe to be always in sync with time that is why the teaching formats we offer best of both the worlds. We prepare the students for their Boards as well as the Competitive Exams. The School Curriculum and Competitive Exam Preparations are synchronized to provide a stress free environment to the student, thus enabling quality performance.